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Ultimate Guide: Delta Companion Certificate, 2022 Update

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It feels great to secure a great deal on a plane ticket. However, after a long period of travel restrictions necessitated by the Covid-19, nothing beats getting two plane tickets at the price of one. This dream can come true with a companion ticket. 

A few airlines offer popular companion ticket incentives and Delta is one of them. With a Delta Companion Certificate, you have a chance to enjoy attractive perks, hence extracting maximum value from it.

What Is the Delta Companion Certificate and How Can You Get it?

The Delta Companion Certificate is an attractive incentive that comes with a select few Delta credit cards. The incentive enables you to secure a two-for-one bonus on a plane ticket. 

Therefore, once you buy one ticket, the Delta Companion Certificate enables you to buy an extra ticket, with just taxes and the requisite fees as your only expenses on the additional ticket. However, using the Delta Companion Certificate comes with a few conditions, including the following:

In a nutshell, the Delta Companion Certificate enables you to buy a second ticket on exclusive domestic flights for just the cost of fees and taxes on the extra ticket.

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How Does One Get A Delta Companion Certificate?

One can earn a Delta Companion Certificate by simply owning the right credit card. One of the best such cards is the American Express.  It comes with four co-branded delta credit cards, as well as, four co-branded individual Delta credit cards, though not all of them are eligible for the companion pass incentive. 

The Delta Companion Certificate only comes with the Delta Reserve and Platinum Delta SkyMiles® credit cards. However, the companion pass differs slightly, according to the credit card that you hold.  Credit cards that qualify for the delta Companion Certificate Include:

The Delta Platinum Credit Cards (Business and Personal)

Both the Delta platinum Business card and the Delta Platinum card (personal) qualify for the companion ticket perk. This incentive comes with one round-trip, Main Cabin companion ticket yearly after one pays the annual fee. You must take care of the companion ticket taxes and fees. 

The companion ticket is only acceptable in L, U, T, X, and V service classes, which are different economy-level fares. Your Delta SkyMiles card takes care of the primary ticket as well as any fees levied on the companion ticket. 

The Delta Reserve Credit Cards (Business and Personal)

If you own either the Delta Reserve Business card or the Delta reserve card, once you clear your yearly fee, you can qualify for a one round-trip companion ticket in the Main Cabin, Comfort+, or even in First Class. The taxes and fees attached to the companion ticket are also your responsibility. 

The companion ticket can be used for the L, U, T, X, and V economy service classes. The ticket is also eligible for the I and Z categories of the first-class service, as well as the Delta comfort+ W class service. The main ticket and any fees for the companion ticket are always covered by your Delta Reserve American Express card.

Ultimately, a Delta Companion Certificate is an incentive that is available for both personal and business categories of the Delta Reserve card and the Delta Platinum cardholders. You need to get a few tips that will help you to know which of the credit cards best suits your interests.

Which are the Best Credit Cards to Use When Purchasing Delta Flights?

Owning a Delta-branded credit card helps you to avoid some unnecessary expenses such as paying for priority services or checked bags, besides many other attractive perks. If you have any of the following Delta-branded credit cards, then you are eligible for priority boarding, a free checked bag, as well as a 20% on-board foods or beverages procurement statement credit. 

The Pay with Miles Perk

If you are a cardholder of any of the Delta credit cards listed above, then you automatically qualify for the pay with miles perk offered by Delta. This incentive makes it possible for cardholders whose frequent flyer accounts have at least 5,000 SkyMiles to use their miles to buy flights.

Every 5,000 miles in your frequent flyer account covers an equivalent of $50 in your flight purchase. For instance, if you have 30,000 miles, you could reduce the cost of your ticket by $300. Once a flight qualifies, the pay with miles option flashes on your screen. 

You have the option of utilizing your miles to pay for the entire ticket, use both miles and cash, or pay using your credit card. For every dollar spent on any Delta purchase, a Delta-branded credit card earns 2 SkyMiles. 

Only six Delta credit cards are eligible for priority boarding, a free checked bag, 20% food or beverage inflight credit, 2 miles per dollar gains on all delta purchases, and pay with miles perks. The Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, which is missing out from the above list of 6, also comes with 2 miles per dollar on all Delta purchases, as well as the 20% food or beverages inflight purchase credit. 

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Using the Delta Companion Certificate

You can only make use of your Delta Companion Certificate on, but not on any Delta flight that is purchased on a different website. On logging in to your account, your Companion ticket appears in the “My Wallet” section.

You can then go ahead and choose your companion pass then search for your preferred flights as you would customarily do. The system is set in a way that it can automatically filter out any flights that are not qualified for the usage of companion pass tickets.

There is no price cap for the ticket that you can buy using your Delta Companion Certificate. Hence, the more expensive the ticket, the more you are likely to benefit from this incentive. For instance, if want to travel with a friend and the tickets cost $600 each. 

You might not want to use a total of $1200 for the tickets, especially if you are travelling on a budget. However, with a Delta Companion Certificate, the two of you can easily travel using purchasing the two tickets using only $600 (of course, plus the fees and taxes imposed on the second ticket). 

It is good to note that while the primary, paid ticket on the itinerary qualifies to earn Delta SkyMiles, the companion ticket does not. 

There is no doubt that the Delta Companion Certificate is a juicy incentive. Imagine buying one ticket on a Delta flight and getting a second one for the price of just the fees and taxes! This means that at the price of only one ticket, you and your companion can comfortably fly to your preferred destination.

The Companion Certificate is given at each card’s anniversary year. You can get the companion ticket incentive on the following four Delta Amex credit cards: 

The Delta Reserve card gets you a flight ticket in the Main Cabin, Comfort+ or first-class categories and still secure you a companion ticket for the price of just fees and taxes. On the other hand, the Delta Platinum card can secure you a Main Cabin ticket and on top of that, you get a companion ticket, after paying taxes and fees only for the second ticket. 

The business types of these credit cards also come with their companion perks. However, not all destinations or fare classes are available. The Companion certificate is also only valid for one year from the date it is earned and remains eligible for travel within the 48 adjoining states. The cardholder is required to pay the taxes and fees applicable on the companion ticket. However, the taxes and fees should not exceed $75. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Delta Companion Certificate?

The Delta Companion Certificate is an incentive that is offered on exclusive Delta Express credit cards. It makes it possible for a cardholder to purchase an additional ticket at the cost of just taxes and fees levied on it. In other words, you get two tickets at the price of one for your Delta flights.

Is the Delta Companion Certificate Transferrable to a Second Party?

Yes, it is possible to use your Delta Companion Certificate to book a flight for someone else. Nevertheless, once the ticket has been issued to one person, it cannot be transferrable.

Can I use my Delta Companion Certificate to Travel First Class?

Yes, you can make use of your companion ticket to travel first-class, after purchasing the primary paid-for first-class ticket using your American Express Delta Reserve Credit. However, if your companion ticket is purchased using the Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card, it is only eligible for economy flights.

Can I Upgrade My Companion Certificate? 

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your Delta Companion Certificate so long as the companion traveller also remains to be a partner airline elite member or a Delta SkyMiles, Medallion member. However, all the Delta upgrade rules are applicable. 

Does My Companion Ticket Earn Delta SkyMiles?

Your Delta Companion Certificate can’t earn any Delta SkyMiles. Only the primary, paid ticket on your itinerary qualifies to earn SkyMiles.

How Do I Become a SkyTeam Elite Frequent Flyer?

For you to achieve the SkyTeam status, you need to begin by accruing status through a partner airline of your choice. Once you have achieved this, you will be issued with an equivalent SkyTeam tier status, which makes you a SkyTeam elite Frequent flyer. This status is recognized across all the 20 SkyTeam carriers.

However, it is important to note that the miles you earn through many different airline programs cannot be accumulated to attain the SkyTeam status. Only passengers who travel on recognized flights run by the SkyTeam member airlines can accrue miles, which are then redeemable across the whole SkyTeam network. 

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