Travel Free with Churning: Paris Vacation Deals For 2021

While being known as the “City of Love,” Paris is a great place to travel regardless if you’re single or a couple, however, you’ll still need a way to prepare for such a trip financially. The best way to do so is through credit card churning.

Credit card churning allows you to utilize multiple credit cards and exploit the vacation offers they have. If Paris is a goal you have in mind, make sure that the credit card you apply for has something related to it, as it will help save you money in the long run.

For tourists or anyone interested in visiting France, this guide was designed for you. We’ll help you get a clear overview of the hottest tourist attractions to the most relaxing hotels. Without further adieu, let’s begin.

About Paris

Paris is the capital of France and is a global center for fashion, art, culture, and gastronomy. It’s easy to see why France is known as the “City of Love,” or its the city of lights. But it’s also a city that’s started 4 revolutions, 2 occupying forces, and 18 kings called Louis.

With its regal architecture and majestic sweeping boulevards, it’s hard no to be enticed, and enchanted by this copacetic, mysterious city. Paris has 2 million residents in population, with 20% of them are immigrants from other countries. -With such diversity, it makes Paris one of the largest multi-cultural centers in Europe.

There are over 65 films that have the Eiffel Towel as a main feature. It’s used as a symbol of European or French lifestyle, and is a sign of beauty. When traveling here, you’ll be enthralled by France’s high-quality wine, travel, and touring areas.

Our Recommendations

From the Eiffel Tower to Mona Lisa, there are lots of things to do in France. With outstanding hotels such as Hotel Magda Champs Elysees to the mouth-watering restaurants of Maison Kammerzell and Au Cerf.

Don’t forget to look at our other recommendations as well. They have enough food and resting spots for the busiest traveler. Make sure to plan your hotel stay in advance, as you don’t want to pay for any unexpected price changes when you get there.

Hotel Recommendations

  • Hotel Magda Champs Elysees
  • Hotel Le Six
  • Le 10 Bis Hotel
  • B Montmartre Hotel
  • La Maison Favart

Restaurant Recommendations

  • Au Cerf
  • Epicure
  • Hôtel de la Plage
  • L’Espérance
  • Maison Kammerzell

Things to Do in Paris

Saint Chapelle

Saint Chapelle is a large masterpiece created by Louis IX as a shrine for his relics and passions in 1248. It’s viewed as the most appealing church in Paris. Historically, the church was destroyed during a revolution, but was rebuilt back in the 19th century.

Must View-Site at Saint Chapelle: In the 14th century, Louis created an oratory so he could attend Mass unbothered, looking through a small grille on the wall. The chapel previously adjoined with the Conciergerie, which is a former palace found on the le de la Cite.

The Pantheon

The beautiful Pantheon area was designed to be a good resting place for popular public figures in the nation. However, it was previously created as a church. It was created after Louis XV as a celebration of his recovery from a gout illness.

Must View-Site at The Pantheon: Jean Foucalt had followed up an experiment to see how the Earth would rotate at The Pendulum. The pendulum’s swing would rotate 11º each hour when compared to the floor, thus proving Foucalt’s theory.

Arc De Triomphe

The best date to view this popular arch is on the 2nd of December. This was the date where Napoleon won the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805. Work on the arch would begin in 1806 and wouldn’t be completed until 1836. Today, the Arc De Triomphe is a focal point for multiple public events.

Must-View At the Arc De Triomphe:0 You can take an elevator or climb 284 steps to reach the peak of Arc de Triomphe. It’s a long ride upwards, but you will have a great view of Paris.

Hotel des Invalides

King Louis XIV had the building created between 1671-1678, and the veterans are only placed here. They share their home with Napolean Bonaparte, whose body is in a crypt underneath the Dome Church’s golden dome.

Must View at the Hotel des Invalides: You can visit Napolean’s Tomb after his body was bought from St Helena. He was wrapped in 6 coffins, where he was placed under “banks of Seine” as it’s his personal wish.

Musee d’Orsay

This beautiful collection covers multiple art forms from the 1848-1914 time period, which includes a creative impressionists section. In 1977, the Paris, the government decided to save this railway and convert it to a museum.

Must View at the Musee d’Orsay: The best art collection there belongs to Vincent Van Gogh, and the most striking display is the Artist’s Bedroom at Aires (1889). Also shown on the display are the self-portraits, painted with Van Gogh’s intensity.

Conclusion: Paris Vacation Deals

Wherever you go in France, you’ll have a great time and multiple exploration options. A city is known for its cuisine; you’ll find some of the best wine and food once visiting here. Whether you view the Hotel des Invalides or The Pantheon, you’ll never get bored of this romantic city.

Always take the time to research before going to France. You’ll find that you can use credit card churning to take the vacation opportunities that are presented to you. If successful, you’ll be able to spend a night in one of the best romantic getaways in the world.

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