Travel Free with Churning: Rome Vacation Deals For 2021

There’s so much to say about the city of Rome. With over 2,000 years of heritage, there is more than enough activities and festivities to take part in. You can explore all of Italian culture through Rome’s Baroque churches, haute couture, archaeological sites, and art museums, with the help of one technique: credit card churning.

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About Rome

Rome is the iconic city of Italy with a population of 2.7 million people. In the metropolitan area, the population extends to 3.7 million. It became the capital of Italy in 1870 after receiving it from Florence.

Water was directed in the city through a few aqueducts. Some of the rich used to have the water flowing into their houses while the poor would receive it from fountains located around the city. There are a lot of bath houses available, which are fun for socializing and relaxing.

You can go visit the Temple of Caesar, the main temperature where Julius Caesar was commemorated and honored after his death. With such options available, traveling to Rome will be a memorable experience that no one will forget.

Our Recommendations

Before you enter Rome, just know that there are a lot of fun hotels and restaurants that are available. The St Regis is a 19th-century palazzo hotel that has been popularized by famous rock stars such as the Rolling Stones and Madonna.

If you’re craving some food, check out the Komorebi Japanese Restaurant. They offer high-end Japanese sushi, rice, and noodles that are bound to leave a mouth-watering taste. Look at our other recommendations, as you’ll never find a dull moment when living in Rome.

Hotel Recommendations

  • Hotel Hassler
  • Villa Spalletti Trivelli
  • J K Place Rome
  • St Regis
  • Palazzo Montemartini

Restaurant Recommendations

  • Komorebi Japanese Restaurant
  • Mamasi
  • Villa Marta
  • Tonnarello
  • CiPasso

Things to Do

See the Colosseum

The Colosseum is the most internationally recognized symbol of Rome. It was started in 80 AD and included animal fights and gladiatorial combats. On average, the colosseum was able to hold up to 50,000 people

Today, over 4 million people visit the Colosseum annually. So book your tickets in advance or you’ll have to wait in line for hours.

View St. Peter’s Basicllica

St. Peter’s Basicila is known for its architectural mastery. The original one dates back to 349 AD where Constantine created a basicila over St. Peter, who was the world’s first pope. It was razed to create its modern version, which stands at over 18,000 yards.

Inside you’ll see Michelangelo’s Pietà and Bernini’s altarpiece – the bronze Baldacchino.

The Trevi Fountain

Any journey to Rome needs a visit to the Trevi Fountain. It’s Nicola Salvi’s baroque master page that has a marble statue with Neptune on the center, and its surrounded by tritons. Based on traditions, those who throw one coin inside the fountain will also return to Rome.

Unfortunately, the Trevi Fountain tends to be crowded by visitors that are looking for the perfect selfie angle and vendors selling cheap souvenirs on the street. Watch the Trevi Fountain in the morning or evening, and the crowds disperse.

Spanish Steps

Interesting in its contradictions, the Piazza di Spagna is home to the cities best boutiques in Via dei Condotti, a legendary shopping street in Rome. Then, you can climb the famous steps Trinità dei Monti church and see Bernini’s fountain from above.

If you want to explore further, go to the Villa Medici for good views of the Centro Storico. On the side of the steps, you can see the Keats-Shelley Memorial House, which is known as Rome’s most underrated museums.

Pay Respect To The Vatican and The Museums

You can easily spend a day exploring Vatican and the area around it. Start with the Sistine Chapel, which was designed by Michaelangelo. Some other highlights are the 1,400 room palace, which includes antique sculptures, old master paintings, and the Raphael Rooms.

Conclusion: Rome Vacation Deals

No matter if it’s your first time traveling or you’re a native, there are lots to see in Rome. From majestic paintings from artists of the Renaissance Era to some of the best tasting pasta restaurants that are recognized internationally, there is always something to do.

Credit card churning is a great way to get deals through Rome. Always keep an eye on your payment history and continue to keep a good credit history line open.

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